What upgrades are best for resale?

Dated: February 12 2020

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What upgrades are best for resale?

If you're thinking about selling one of the questions, we are always asked is.... How do I get the most money for my house? Here is my advice for which upgrades have the biggest impact.

The not so fun stuff

The stuff that no one notices until a home inspection. I would say that if you have a furnace, hot water heater, roof and/or windows that are over 20 years old you should look at replacing those items. Certainly, a roof or furnace can be certified but you might want to replace or at least service these before listing a property.


Painting both the interior and exterior will make a huge impact. A fresh coat of paint on the walls makes things feel fresh and bright. Make sure to pick a warm neutral color. Grays are still the most popular along with soft creamy whites and blues. Painting the interior is something that you can propbably do yourself with a few friends and family helping. The exterior is important for curb appeal even if you have a brick home these days many people like the look you get from painting the brick.

Minor Kitchen and Bath remodel

Everyone knows this but you don't have to go as far as ripping everything out and starting over. Cabinets can be painted or just the doors can be changed. If you have good cabinets that might not be the new in thing painting is a great option. Changing your tile or formica counter tops to Granite, corian or quartz makes a big impact. Just a tiny upgrade can be to add a backsplash. New lighting in the kitchen and baths can be easy and really update a space. In the bathroom a new vanity and new toilet are easy enough to change out but make a big impact to buyers.... they like new!

Landscaping and curb appeal

The curb appeal of your home is incredibly important when it comes time to sell. The first impression of the home that someone will have is from the look of the exterior. It is said that a good impression of a home adds five percent to its value. I can tell you that I have been in a car with a buyer who would not go into a house because of curb appeal. Make sure that the concrete in the driveway and walkways is in good shape. Having the lawn and shrubs properly maintained gives the house a loved, taken care of feeling.

Front Door

I gave this its own section because it's super easy and makes a big impact. Paint that front door a bright fun color. I know it's usually neutral and appeal to the masses but here make a statement. It's not that hard if someone hates it to change it but most people will be like remember that cute house with the bright yellow/orange/aqua (pick one not all three) front door. This will help with that curb appeal.

Finish basement

If you have an unfinished basement, finish it. It can be done inespensivley but adds more finished square footage to your home which adds more value. I would say if possible, add a bathroom and a bedroom making sure to include an egressed window. The added finished squarefootage, bathroom, and bedroom(S) will add to your list price.

I hope these ideas have helped. Always reach out to us for help. We would love to come look at your space and give you ideas for what to do and not to do. We also have many contractors that can complete the work and keep the cost down. Also, if you think you might not move for a couple years do some of these projects now, that way you can enjoy the updates, they'll still be in great shape when it's time to move on.


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What upgrades are best for resale?

What upgrades are best for resale?If you're thinking about selling one of the questions, we are always asked is.... How do I get the most money for my house? Here is my advice for which upgrades

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